Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl: Blueberries and Muesli – Healthy Breakfast Ideas


If you are looking to prepare a quick and easy breakfast recipe, this greek yogurt breakfast bowl recipe: blueberries and muesli, is definitely a winning option for you!

As a professional, I normally don’t have a lot of time in the mornings to sit and have a proper breakfast, so this recipe is great if your time is limited as it only takes maximum 5 minutes to prepare. In addition to this, it is very healthy, and also it is very delicious!Continue reading “Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl: Blueberries and Muesli – Healthy Breakfast Ideas”

Lemon Charlotte Recipe – Spring and Summer Desserts


Hello everyone!

Today I felt like sharing with all of you one of my favorite dessert recipes: the lemon charlotte recipe. Since I’m originally from a tropical country, cold desserts are something usual. What I like the most about the lemon charlotte recipe is that it is really easy to make and with a low budget. Also I like the fact that it is not excesively sweet (thanks to the lemons), and it is also super refreshing!Continue reading “Lemon Charlotte Recipe – Spring and Summer Desserts”

Learning how to make French Macarons at Le Foodist in Paris

Last January after returning from spending Christmas’ holidays with my Family in the Dominican Republic, I decided to plan a quick trip to Paris to explore it a bit more “like a local”.Continue reading “Learning how to make French Macarons at Le Foodist in Paris”

Pancake Bar | Easy Brunch Ideas

Hello everyone! When I was a little kid I must confess that the only time when I was involved at my parents’ kitchen was on Sunday Mornings to prepare homemade pancakes! It made me happy! …and it still does, a LOT! I consider myself a brunch lover and its whole concept, specially because it is a great opportunity to bring people together.

On one occasion I had to host a brunch and I started to think: what can I do? …what can I do?Continue reading “Pancake Bar | Easy Brunch Ideas”

How to create a cute decorative bow-tie mason jar

To create the cute decorative bow-tie mason jar you will need:

  • A pair of scissors
  • A lighter
  • A mason jar
  • A ribbon

Continue reading “How to create a cute decorative bow-tie mason jar”

The Pancake Bakery – A cozy place to eat pancakes in Amsterdam

The Pancake BakeryAs everyone knows, I’m crazy about pancakes, they just simply make me happy. So… last January, during my trip to Amsterdam with some friends, I had some cravings for some delicious typical Dutch pancakes. Taking into consideration my request, one of my friends found this placed called “The Pancake Bakery“.Continue reading “The Pancake Bakery – A cozy place to eat pancakes in Amsterdam”

When in Eindhoven visit Bar Bistro Calypso

During my trip to Eindhoven at the beginning of January 2016, my sister and I where walking around the city center of Eindhoven trying to find a place where to have lunch. It was a Sunday, and for our luck, everything seemed to be closed. After walking for minutes, we found “Bar Bistro Calypso“.Continue reading “When in Eindhoven visit Bar Bistro Calypso”

Zollpackhof “A Traditional German Food Venue in Berlin”

Last December during my trip to Berlin I discovered a nice restaurant called “Zollpackhof”. During my research on Google, I thought: “It seems to be decent, and also the fact that they are serving German food was definitely a plus!”. I proposed to my friends to have dinner at this venue and they all agreed, of course, it was only 4 minutes walking! something that anyone will appreciate when the temperature is below 0.Continue reading “Zollpackhof “A Traditional German Food Venue in Berlin””

How To Say “Cheers” in 30 Languages

As a world citizen it is really important to learn how to say cheers in different languages, it is the perfect “ice breaker” for any international informal conversation, at least that’s what I think.  As a curious person and maybe a bit annoying sometimes, I always like to ask everyone I meet from a different country how to say cheers or thank you in their native languages. Why? Simply because it is fun and it also enrich your vocabulary.Continue reading “How To Say “Cheers” in 30 Languages”