5 Tips to Increase Your New Blog Traffic in 5 Days Without Paying

As a new blogger it might result a bit hard for you to increase considerably the traffic of your brand new blog immediately, for sure Mashable didn’t get millions of visits on its first day. Be patient, becoming a successful blogger requires time and a daily effort! 

On this blog post I share with you 5 tips to increase your new blog traffic in 5 days without paying. By experience, I have applied these tips in some of the blogs that I’ve managed and we got over 400 views in 5 days.

1. StumbleUpon

The easiest way to drive instant traffic to your blog is via StumbleUpon. You only need to create an account and add the pages of the blog that you wish to drive traffic.The next step is to categorize this page in one of the interests available. E.g.: Fashion, Business, Marketing, etc… Lastly, proceed to add tags, these tags work similar to keywords. For every page you add, you can add up to five tags. This will help you quickly find your favorite pages in your profile later down the road, as well as help other members find your content faster.

2. Google+ Communities

Join communities related to the main topic of your blog and share the post there. Don’t forget that messaging is really important. Try to think about a headline that will capture their attention. Google+ communities are great for IT, Cooking, Marketing and Traveling topics.

3. Twitter

140 characters can really make a difference. Think of your tweet as your article headline. Decide if you were reading a newspaper and you saw that headline, if you would choose to read further. How well you write your tweets will determine how many people visit your website.

4. Pinterest

Create a Pinterest account and boards including the different topics of your blog if there are many. Pinterest is great social network to share visual content. If your blog is related to cooking, travelling, music, marketing or crafts, you’ll succeed.

5. LinkedIn Groups

If your blog is related to the business world, what better place to drive quality traffic than Mr. LinkedIn? Start joining the best groups on LinkedIn related to the business field that your blog is about and start sharing the posts. Don’t forget that headlines are REALLY important.

Don’t forget that nice pictures, good headlines, right hashtags and a good content will define the success of the strategy.

Good luck and don’t forget to let me know how did it go! 

Published by Carolina's Workshop

I’m a marketing professional, a right brained one to be more specific. I believe that small details make a huge difference. I love brunches, cocktails, wine, colors, traveling, dreaming, interior design and being creative.

3 thoughts on “5 Tips to Increase Your New Blog Traffic in 5 Days Without Paying

  1. Thanks for the tips. It’s refreshing to read advice that’s new – I’ve read so many posts about the benefits of guest blogging and e-books, but your advice is simple and can be implemented immediately. I’m getting onto it now.


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