What I’ve learned about love in 25 years

In my 25 years of life this 4 letter word has taken on different meanings throughout the different stages of my life. It has led me to the conclusion that the single and most pure love that can ever exist is the self love. 

Living in a world where everyone makes you believe that real love is found within someone else’s heart, just makes it even more complicated for the human being, it only creates confusion. This only takes you to the conclusion that there’s something wrong with you because in movies it seems so easy and perfect. But the true is that this kind of love is just a temporary illusion, for the simple reason that every human being is constantly changing, evolving and so are you.

Romantic love feels great but being able to give love to you all the time trumps that. It really does.

I constantly hear my friends or even myself complaining about romantic love because it just never turn out the way we expected.  But why expect someone else to treat you any better than how you treat yourself?

They say that true love is falling in love with the same person over and over again but this time I choose to believe that true love is falling in love with you over and over again. I know it might sound a bit selfish, but it is even more selfish to love someone else instead of loving yourself first.

Published by Carolina's Workshop

I’m a marketing professional, a right brained one to be more specific. I believe that small details make a huge difference. I love brunches, cocktails, wine, colors, traveling, dreaming, interior design and being creative.

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