Canvas Ideas – I Love Mustache

I believe that it just take a canvas painting to give the last fabulous touch to your decoration. A simple canvas painting can make a huge difference in any room of the house: your dorm, the bathroom, the kitchen or even the garden. The important thing here is to learn how to play with the concepts. 

In this occasion, I share with you the procedure to create an easy design for a canvas painting, easy but cool and trendy, I’m pretty sure that your friends will love it 🙂

To create the I Love Mustache Canvas you will need:

  • White canvas
  • White, black and red painting
  • Thin and thick paintbrush
  • Gloss Varnish B199


To begin place the white canva on a table, floor or any flat surface, wherever you feel comfortable! Proceed to draw with a pencil the letter I, the heart and the mustache.

Continue by painting the letter “I” using the thin paintbrush and the black painting. Do the same with the heart but using the thick paintbrush and the red painting. If you don’t have a good pulse for the heart edges, help yourself a bit by using the thin paintbrush. Continue elaborating this piece of art by painting the mustache using the black painting. Remember to paint it slowly to avoid making mistakes or ruining the shape of the mustache.

Let the I Love Mustache Canvas dry  for 20 minutes. Lastly, spray the canvas using the Gloss Varnish B199 to give a stunning high gloss finish!

CAROLINA'S WORKSHOP I love Mustache Canva

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I’m a marketing professional, a right brained one to be more specific. I believe that small details make a huge difference. I love brunches, cocktails, wine, colors, traveling, dreaming, interior design and being creative.

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