Why is it a good idea to use a landing page to increase registrations for a webinar?

What happens when marketing activities have achieved to bring qualified traffic to the registration page of a webinar, but  after visiting that page these potential attendees just simply don’t register? what’s wrong?

Believe it or not, not having a mobile-friendly registration page can deliver a bounce rate of a 80% in some cases. In other words,  almost all marketing activities will be in vain since they will probably not achieve the main goal, convert visitors into registrations.

Besides not having a mobile-friendly registration page, there are other factors influencing the low rate of registrations: the content might not be clear, there is not consistence between what the registration page says and the marketing campaigns messaging, or the form is too long.

According to my experience, I believe and I know, that a customized-responsive landing page can improve a lot the results in terms of registrations, therefore, below I share with all of you the reasons why I suggest to opt to use a mobile-friendly landing page to drive the traffic for your next webinar.

Adaptable design 

How does the template of your website looks like? boring? if this is the case, building a stunning landing page will help you here. Nowadays landing pages platforms such as instapage, makes it really easy for you. Within minutes, you can build complex layouts by using the drag and drop interface without touching a single line of code. This means, it will be so easy for you to adapt the design of the landing page of the webinar (background, images, buttons, forms or fonts) to the topic of it.

Mobile Responsive

This is definitely a plus! if your website is still not mobile responsive, a landing page will definitely increase the registrations for your webinar, as I mentioned before on the second paragraph. A high percentage of the people that visit your landing page will probably not register just because they have to wait a lot since your website probably takes too long to load, as a result, you will lose registrations. No kidding!

Improve performance: A/B testing tool

The majority of the companies that offer landing page platforms have included the A/B testing tool to let marketers track visitor behavior, compare conversion rates, and pick the best-performing landing page. This way it will be so easy for you to create more than one different customized landing page and keep after certain period of time the one that delivers more conversions.

E.g.: two months ago I created a landing page with 2 variations, the only difference was that one was using orange color as a background (variation A) and the other one was using turquoise as a background (variation B), for some reason after one week the variation A (orange color background) performed way better…

Instapage examples

Apparently people trusted more in orange color than in turquoise…


These landing pages platforms offer you different options of integration with other platforms such as WordPress and Go Daddy.  Also some of these platforms provide seamless integration with CRM, email marketing, social, and optimization tools with no programming required, a great plus for users!

Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope this blog post has been helpful for you, and that it serves as a guide on the planning of your next webinars. Feel free to share this blog post if you think that someone from your network might be interested to get some tips as well.

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