Aire de Barcelona – a relaxing ancient experience

For my 26th birthday I received as a gift a 90 minutes stay at the relaxing ancient baths of Aire de Barcelona. I must confess that for me it was a brand new experience, I never went to one before, so I was pretty much excited about it.

When we got there, we could immediately feel tranquility. Music and lighting were according to the occasion, it felt like a short trip to an ancient tradition, which was awesome and unforgettable.

First, they asked gently to everyone to pass to the dressing room to wear your bikini or bathing suit, and the water shoes that they provide. After getting ready for the baños árabes of Aire de Barcelona, we went down stairs to start the relaxing thermal bath and aromatherapy experience.

aires de barcelona banos arabes

“These 90 minutes stay allowed us to remain in a circuit of bathing rooms at different temperatures”

We decided to start with the warm water bath, which has the same temperature as the human body. After several minutes of relaxation, we were ready to go inside the hot water bath, it was truly too HOT, but pleasant. I could immediately start feeling how my body and mind were starting to relax and disconnect, something almost impossible in my daily routine.

Later on, we went inside the cold water bath with a 15ºC temperature which was next to the warm water bad. This cold water was truly refreshing after experiencing a 40ºC temperature on the last bath.

Did someone say sauna?  after experiencing the first 3 baths, sauna seemed to be a great option. We went inside and stay there for 10 minutes. It was so hot in there, I could barely breathe, but it totally worth it since sauna has a lot of benefits for the body.  After the sauna, we went to rest outside by sitting on the benches, and also to enjoy refreshing tea and water, which was included.

Suddenly, it was time for a salty bath! this salt bath leads a great sense of relaxation because of the concentration of salt which allows the body to easily float.

aires de barcelona

Lastly, it was our chance to go inside the thousand water jet bath with a 36ºC temperature. The water jets and bubbles massage the different parts of the body. For this reason the staff of Aire de Barcelona recommended us to change positions from time to time so the bubbles can massage the different human body parts.These bubbles, plus the steam and the essential oils were an outstanding experience…!

What can I say… I definitely enjoyed my 26th birthday present, zero complaints about it, only truly pleasant moments!

Because of my recent experience, I highly recommend everyone living or visiting Barcelona to take a moment to visit Aire de Barcelona, I promise you will not regret about it, you will only just want to go back there again and again…

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