How To Say “Cheers” in 30 Languages

As a world citizen it is really important to learn how to say cheers in different languages, it is the perfect “ice breaker” for any international informal conversation, at least that’s what I think.  As a curious person and maybe a bit annoying sometimes, I always like to ask everyone I meet from a different country how to say cheers or thank you in their native languages. Why? Simply because it is fun and it also enrich your vocabulary.

Due to its importance, below I’ve listed how to say cheers in 30 different languages. I hope it is very handy for you when traveling around the world 😉

  1. Spanish -> Salud!
  2. English -> Cheers!
  3. German -> Prost!
  4. Dutch -> Proost!
  5. Italian -> Salute!
  6. French -> Santé!
  7. Portuguese -> Saúde!
  8. Swedish -> Skål
  9. Danish -> Skål
  10. Norwegian -> Skål
  11. Icelandic -> Skál
  12. Finnish -> Kippis
  13. Latvian -> Prosit
  14. Croatian -> Nazdravlje
  15. Czech -> Na zdravi
  16. Lethuanian -> į sveikatą
  17. Ukranian -> Za zdorovie
  18. Polish -> Na zdrowie
  19. Slovak -> Na zdravie
  20. Thai -> Chok dee
  21. Bosnian -> Živjeli
  22. Turkish -> şerefe
  23. Greek -> Yamas
  24. Hungarian -> Egészségedre
  25. Vietnamese ->
  26. Macedonian -> Nazdravye
  27. Arabic -> Fisehatak
  28. Hindi -> Burrah
  29. Indonesian -> mari bersulang
  30. Chinese -> gān bēi

Published by Carolina's Workshop

I’m a marketing professional, a right brained one to be more specific. I believe that small details make a huge difference. I love brunches, cocktails, wine, colors, traveling, dreaming, interior design and being creative.

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