The Pancake Bakery – A cozy place to eat pancakes in Amsterdam

The Pancake BakeryAs everyone knows, I’m crazy about pancakes, they just simply make me happy. So… last January, during my trip to Amsterdam with some friends, I had some cravings for some delicious typical Dutch pancakes. Taking into consideration my request, one of my friends found this placed called “The Pancake Bakery“.

The Pancake Bakery is located next to one of those beautiful canals of Amsterdam. I honestly can’t recall the name of the canal or the street since there are so many, but it was there: a small and cozy spot with tenue lights, and of course, lots of pancakes awaiting for us!

THE PANCAKE BAKERY – A COZY PLACE TO EAT PANCAKES IN AMSTERDAMWhen looking at the menu, I honestly didn’t know what to order, the variety was incredible. We could decide between a variety of salty pancakes or between a huge variety of the sweet ones. After one or two minutes, I decided to join the salty side by ordering the one with pineapple, cheese and ham… it was delicious!

I must confess that my only mistake was to add a lot of molasses, I literally experienced a sugar rush!

Speaking about sugar, one of my friends decided to order one of the sweet pancakes, and this was the piece of art:


“We definitely had a nice dinner at this pancake place. I just loved it…a lot”

If you’ve already been in Amsterdam, you may already know how hard it is to find nice places to eat between all those turistic restaurants full of touristic food. The Pancake Bakery is definitely a place that I highly recommend, and I will definitely go back!

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