Zollpackhof “A Traditional German Food Venue in Berlin”

Last December during my trip to Berlin I discovered a nice restaurant called “Zollpackhof”. During my research on Google, I thought: “It seems to be decent, and also the fact that they are serving German food was definitely a plus!”. I proposed to my friends to have dinner at this venue and they all agreed, of course, it was only 4 minutes walking! something that anyone will appreciate when the temperature is below 0.


After going inside the restaurant, we inmediately had a very nice impression of the place. The waiters where so welcoming and super nice, something that called my attention since it’s very rare to see in Barcelona’s restaurants.

Definitely the best thing was the fireplace placed in the middle of the restaurant, it was extremely cozy! I can recall that my friend Brigitte liked it a lot!


Once we sat, the first thing to do was to order the drinks, and of course I ordered a glass of glüwein, which I really liked a lot! Maricarmen and Bea of course ordered a Coca Cola, and the rest ordered soft drinks. After this, the main challenge for us was to order. The menu was completely in German:Sauerkraut, Was ist dat? Thanks God 2 of our friends are native German speakers so they could explain to me and my dominican friends the dishes offered and their respective ingredients. Also they waiters kindly helped.

ZOLLPACKHOF “A TRADITIONAL GERMAN FOOD VENUE IN BERLIN”Since I wanted to try something different, I decided to go for the Schweinebraten an Augustiner Dunkelbiersauce mit Sauerkraut und Semmelknödel” Roast pork on Augustiner dark beer with sauerkraut and bread dumplings. It was absolutely delicious! the pork and this sauce! yummie! what was for me a bit strange where the bread dumplings, they were delicious but for me eating those as the main dish was rare as normally in my country I used to eat something similar but as a dessert.

My sister and my friend Thilo ordered these other dishes, they where really good, but I think mine was better 🙂


If you are traveling to Berlin and you are interested in eating some traditional German food instead of just grabbing food at McDonald’s, I would love to recommend you this place which is also a biergarten. Probably there might be other nice places in Berlin offering typical German food, but according to my opinion, I think this one is great!

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