Learning how to make French Macarons at Le Foodist in Paris

French cooking classes in English in Paris

Last January after returning from spending Christmas’ holidays with my Family in the Dominican Republic, I decided to plan a quick trip to Paris to explore it a bit more “like a local”.

During this trip, my 3rd one to Paris, I thought about learning how to make the typical french Macarons. What better way to explore a culture than learning how to make their own food?

While searching online for options, I found “Le Foodist“, a place that offers French cooking classes in English for foreigners, so this was perfect for me since my French language skills to be honest are 0.

When in Le Foodist, my first impression was: “how nice is this place! nice atmosphere! beautiful decoration! …and everyone was so nice”.

French cooking classes in English in Paris

We were a small group of 6 people so this made it better in a way since teacher Amanda could spend more time with each one of us teaching us the different processes and techniques to make perfect macarons.

Here some pictures from my experience at Le Foodist in Paris:

le-foodist-french-cooking-classes-in-paris-4 le-foodist-french-cooking-classes-in-paris-3 le-foodist-french-cooking-classes-in-paris-1 le-foodist-french-cooking-classes-in-paris-2

After spending about 2 hours learning how to make the macarons, we sat on a table to enjoy our macarons, proudly made by ourselves. We enjoyed them with tea and coffee!


Below the macarons with a lemon flavor filling that I made with my teammate from Malaysia. I know they look like small burgers… but they where the most delicious ones since they where not too sweet. At least this is what I heard :p


If you are interested in learning how to make macarons or if you are planning a trip to Paris in the coming days, here is the website from Le Foodist so you can also enjoy a fun experience as I did.

Have a nice day!

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