What’s the Best Structure for a Blog Post?

Very often when writing a blog post many doubts arise: is this an engaging title? should I place the image on top, in the middle or at the end? how many words should I use? what if I place a link or two, is it too much? Don’t feel bad, we all have been in this situation atContinue reading “What’s the Best Structure for a Blog Post?”

Canvas Ideas – I Love Mustache

I believe that it just take a canvas painting to give the last fabulous touch to your decoration. A simple canvas painting can make a huge difference in any room of the house: your dorm, the bathroom, the kitchen or even the garden. The important thing here is to learn how to play with the concepts. 

5 Tips to Increase Your New Blog Traffic in 5 Days Without Paying

As a new blogger it might result a bit hard for you to increase considerably the traffic of your brand new blog immediately, for sure Mashable didn’t get millions of visits on its first day. Be patient, becoming a successful blogger requires time and a daily effort! 

Easy Basic Pancakes Recipe

♥ PREP: 5 MINS    ♥ TOTAL TIME: 20 MINS    ♥ SERVINGS: 8 Someone I know once said “Food always beats bed” and I definitely couldn’t agree more with this brilliant statement! My easy basic pancakes recipe will help you to make pancakes in less than 25 minutes. Of course, boxed pancakes are way easier to make but the result isContinue reading “Easy Basic Pancakes Recipe”

Top 3 Most Remarkable Songs from Pink Floyd

I initiated myself with Pink Floyd after listening for the first time Eric Prydz 2006 remix “Proper Education”. After that, I learned some songs from one of the most influential bands in the history of rock music. What I liked the most about their songs was their lyrics and how easy it is to feel the painContinue reading “Top 3 Most Remarkable Songs from Pink Floyd”

My top 6 – the Greatest Disney Songs Of All Timei

If I had to describe Disney songs in one word it would be “Magical”. No matter how many years have passed, these songs were meant to last forever. These songs transmit emotions, illusions, love and nice memories to everyone. Since I can’t go a month without listening one of these songs, below I listed My top 6Continue reading “My top 6 – the Greatest Disney Songs Of All Timei”