DIY Easy Bracelet – Live Your Dream

This blog post is dedicated to everyone interested in learning on how to make a stunning and classy bracelet in less than 15 minutes. Feel free to use different pieces than the ones that I’m suggesting on the procedure, don’t forget that it will be your bracelet, so it’s really important that you adapt itContinue reading “DIY Easy Bracelet – Live Your Dream”

Wooden Ladder with Creative Vintage Bottles – Decorating Ideas for Small Balcony

Nothing on this planet can compare with a cute and cozy small balcony! – I really enjoy spending time in my small balcony drinking a glass of cava and listening to my playlists on Spotify while staring the city of Barcelona, it’s pure calmness.

Learn How to Make Creative Vintage Bottles

Hey there! imagine how would look a bottle with your favorite quote on it? awesome, right? Since I don’t believe in buying expensive decorative bottles when you can do it yourself in less than an hour, on this occasion I decided to share with you at Carolina’s Workshop: how to make creative vintage bottles!

Canvas Ideas – I Love Mustache

I believe that it just take a canvas painting to give the last fabulous touch to your decoration. A simple canvas painting can make a huge difference in any room of the house: your dorm, the bathroom, the kitchen or even the garden. The important thing here is to learn how to play with the concepts.