Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl: Blueberries and Muesli – Healthy Breakfast Ideas

♥ PREP: 5 MINS   ♥ TOTAL TIME: 5 MINS   ♥ SERVINGS: 1 If you are looking to prepare a quick and easy breakfast recipe, this greek yogurt breakfast bowl recipe: blueberries and muesli, is definitely a winning option for you! As a professional, I normally don’t have a lot of time in the mornings to sit andContinue reading “Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl: Blueberries and Muesli – Healthy Breakfast Ideas”

Lemon Charlotte Recipe – Spring and Summer Desserts

♥ PREP: 20 MINS   ♥ TOTAL TIME: 2.5 HOURS   ♥ SERVINGS: 10 Hello everyone! Today I felt like sharing with all of you one of my favorite dessert recipes: the lemon charlotte recipe. Since I’m originally from a tropical country, cold desserts are something usual. What I like the most about the lemon charlotteContinue reading “Lemon Charlotte Recipe – Spring and Summer Desserts”

Pancake Bar | Easy Brunch Ideas

Hello everyone! When I was a little kid I must confess that the only time when I was involved at my parents’ kitchen was on Sunday Mornings to prepare homemade pancakes! It made me happy! …and it still does, a LOT! I consider myself a brunch lover and its whole concept, specially because it is a great opportunityContinue reading “Pancake Bar | Easy Brunch Ideas”

How to Make the Best Homemade Enchiladas EVER!

♥ PREP: 30 MINS    ♥ TOTAL TIME: 45 MINS    ♥ SERVINGS: 5 Dear readers, today I’m revealing  at Carolina’s Workshop, my personalized recipe on how to make the best homemade enchiladas ever! This recipe will steal only 45 minutes of your precious time, but first let’s get you in the chef-mood, and start by playing one of your favorite playlists on Spotify.

Easy Basic Pancakes Recipe

♥ PREP: 5 MINS    ♥ TOTAL TIME: 20 MINS    ♥ SERVINGS: 8 Someone I know once said “Food always beats bed” and I definitely couldn’t agree more with this brilliant statement! My easy basic pancakes recipe will help you to make pancakes in less than 25 minutes. Of course, boxed pancakes are way easier to make but the result isContinue reading “Easy Basic Pancakes Recipe”