French cooking classes in English in Paris

Learning how to make French Macarons at Le Foodist in Paris

Last January after returning from spending Christmas’ holidays with my Family in the Dominican Republic, I decided to plan a quick trip to Paris to explore it a bit more “like a local”. Continue reading


The Pancake Bakery – A cozy place to eat pancakes in Amsterdam

The Pancake BakeryAs everyone knows, I’m crazy about pancakes, they just simply make me happy. So… last January, during my trip to Amsterdam with some friends, I had some cravings for some delicious typical Dutch pancakes. Taking into consideration my request, one of my friends found this placed called “The Pancake Bakery“. Continue reading

Zollpackhof “A Traditional German Food Venue in Berlin”

Last December during my trip to Berlin I discovered a nice restaurant called “Zollpackhof”. During my research on Google, I thought: “It seems to be decent, and also the fact that they are serving German food was definitely a plus!”. I proposed to my friends to have dinner at this venue and they all agreed, of course, it was only 4 minutes walking! something that anyone will appreciate when the temperature is below 0. Continue reading

Aire de Barcelona – a relaxing ancient experience

For my 26th birthday I received as a gift a 90 minutes stay at the relaxing ancient baths of Aire de Barcelona. I must confess that for me it was a brand new experience, I never went to one before, so I was pretty much excited about it.

When we got there, we could immediately feel tranquility. Music and lighting were according to the occasion, it felt like a short trip to an ancient tradition, which was awesome and unforgettable. Continue reading

PICNIC ‒ A charming restaurant in the center of Barcelona

Picnic restaurantWalking around the surroundings of Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, you will find a lovely place called PICNIC Restaurant. This small and cozy restaurant distinguish itself by the details placed all around the restaurant, all made with love and care.

I visited PICNIC for the first time over a year ago to have a brunch with some good friends, and I couldn’t help falling in love immediately with this enchanted place. Continue reading