5 Websites Where You Can Get Free Stock Photos

Finding legal stock images can be tough. Specially for those blogging or building online campaigns very often. A big issue for all marketers who believe that design is important, is that the majority of free stock photos websites only have available ugly old fashioned photos.

What are the best colors to use on an email marketing campaign?

When designing a template for a specific email marketing campaign sometimes deciding what color to use on fonts, backgrounds, headers, buttons or footers can result a really difficult task. If you have gone through that situation, believe me, I know what it feels like to be in your shoes…

Why is it a good idea to use a landing page to increase registrations for a webinar?

What happens when marketing activities have achieved to bring qualified traffic to the registration page of a webinar, but  after visiting that page these potential attendees just simply don’t register? what’s wrong?

What’s the Best Structure for a Blog Post?

Very often when writing a blog post many doubts arise: is this an engaging title? should I place the image on top, in the middle or at the end? how many words should I use? what if I place a link or two, is it too much? Don’t feel bad, we all have been in this situation atContinue reading “What’s the Best Structure for a Blog Post?”

5 Tips to Increase Your New Blog Traffic in 5 Days Without Paying

As a new blogger it might result a bit hard for you to increase considerably the traffic of your brand new blog immediately, for sure Mashable didn’t get millions of visits on its first day. Be patient, becoming a successful blogger requires time and a daily effort!