Zollpackhof “A Traditional German Food Venue in Berlin”

Last December during my trip to Berlin I discovered a nice restaurant called “Zollpackhof”. During my research on Google, I thought: “It seems to be decent, and also the fact that they are serving German food was definitely a plus!”. I proposed to my friends to have dinner at this venue and they all agreed, of course, it was only 4 minutes walking! something that anyone will appreciate when the temperature is below 0. Continue reading

How To Say “Cheers” in 30 Languages

As a world citizen it is really important to learn how to say cheers in different languages, it is the perfect “ice breaker” for any international informal conversation, at least that’s what I think.  As a curious person and maybe a bit annoying sometimes, I always like to ask everyone I meet from a different country how to say cheers or thank you in their native languages. Why? Simply because it is fun and it also enrich your vocabulary. Continue reading

Aire de Barcelona – a relaxing ancient experience

For my 26th birthday I received as a gift a 90 minutes stay at the relaxing ancient baths of Aire de Barcelona. I must confess that for me it was a brand new experience, I never went to one before, so I was pretty much excited about it.

When we got there, we could immediately feel tranquility. Music and lighting were according to the occasion, it felt like a short trip to an ancient tradition, which was awesome and unforgettable. Continue reading